Downloads Software and Firmware TripLogger and MileLogik is the same product. Why not try out MileLogik Manager for yourself? It’s simple to install and comes with some demo data bases to try out. Software Download Milelogik Manager Version Date: Nov 2013 Note: Download to your PC, unzip and Run MileLogikSetup.exe See also What’s New NMEA Converter Download NMEA Converter Version 1.01 Date: Nov 2009 Note: Download to your PC, run the application and follow the instructions to convert standard NMEA text files to the TripLogik raw format TripLogik TL1000 Manual Manual Date: Jan 2011 Note: Full user manual in PDF format (included in the TripLogik manager download) TL1000 Firmware Update TLInstaller 1 23 Version 1.18 Date: Mar 2012 Note: Download to your PC, and run the application. See What’s New and New Firmware Page for more details Bulk Erase Tool LoggerBulkErase Version 1.0 Date: Jan 2011 Note: Download to your PC and Run to perform a longer full erase procedure