TripLogger is a purpose built recorder for anyone who needs to record and create a logbook of their road travel. Plug it in and drive. It will reliably record your travel mileage via GPS. Get one now so that you can record your trips now at the start of the new tax year! Contact us on and we will sort you out! Want or need to claim travel expenses ? Need to prove that the Etoll bill is incorrect? A TripLogger can help. You are at the right place! Don’t miss a single Kilometer. Need a Logbook? For SARS, your employer, your own business ? READ MORE... READ MORE... Testimonials - click here to see who bought a TripLogger and what they say. Click here to read more about the uses of a TripLogger... Designed and Manufactured in the UK No contracts! No subscription! no monthly fees! Now R 1,675.00 We will do everything we can to keep the price stable in spite of exchange fluctuations. Only a TripLogger can work on a 24V vehicle such as a Tipper truck via a special cable! become part of a different blue light brigade