Testimonials “I have received my TripLogger and am very happy with it”. Joppie Maritz Namibia We have sold hundreds of units to both companies and individuals but they are not keen to be identified. We only hear from previous clients when they order more units which is excellent as this proves the units are reliable but we would like to show more testimonials. TripLogger are used and sold in the UK, Europe, the USA, South Africa, Namibia....in fact it can be used anywhere and will work everywhere! Ask the suppliers of units that seem to be a competitor to TripLogger whether their units will work outside of South Africa or on a 24V commercial vehicle! We welcome our new Business clients: Alfdav Construction, Rushmere Noach Inc, Bohle Glass Equipment (Gavin + Casper bought one unit to test and then bought more to equip their vehicles), Quantra (see below) and Namibia Post (Nampost). Thanks to the private customers as well. We really appreciate your business and the confidence shown in the product. Quantra (Danie Kotze) said: This is our 4th TripLogger -  we are having real benefit from them. It units are accurate and we use it to bill customers and our staff use it to claim their mileage. We can pre-mark customers and to create reports are really simple. KWCRS - (Khuvutlo:water, consulting, roads & services) has just bought 45 units. KWCRS initially bought three units to assure themselves that the units will fit their needs and operate as claimed. Clearly it did work exactly like it should and they have now 48 units in operation. PC Worx (Polokwane) has bought some units for resale so if you are in that area do pay them a visit. Apologies for the delay in providing feedback as I wanted to use the TripLogger for a bit longer as to get a feel for it...At least my testimonial will ring true... I started using the TripLogger on April 7, 2011. The last 5 years I have been filling out a log book manually: opening kms, closing kms and sitting for hours working out what distances I travelled, etc. When I moved over to the TripLogger I kicked myself for not doing so sooner, what a wonderful investment it has been. Everything is automated and the only thing I have to do is to download my trips onto the PC, it really simplified the whole process. TripLogger is very user friendly and an absolute pleasure to work with. When  submitting my tax returns to SARS all I have to do is to call up a report and it’s all there. I highly recommend the TripLogger. Gui Bechard Devar Consulting - Foreign Exchange Specialist Randburg South Africa Back