We started from the ground up to produce the best GPS travel distance logger available.  Key Features A nice looking device that fits conveniently on your dashboard GPS built-in, to record all your trips Always ready, no intervention required or delays during day to day use* Detects vehicle movement, only logs when your vehicle is moving Visual and audible indication of GPS signal and power Loss Recommended installation leaves cigarette lighter socket free for other uses ** All records are encrypted for security, if stolen your travel records are safe from prying eyes Reports can be generated, printed or exported to other applications Push button allows you choose the trip type, business or personal, or log specific points of interest. * assuming vehicle’s on board diagnostic connector is used and remains powered at all times. ** a cigarette lighter socket adaptor is also provided. A TripLogger can also be used on a 24V commercial vehicle via a special cable! Ask us. Designed to do just one job and do it properly TL1000 Specification