Reduce the hassle of reporting your mileage to a few mouse clicks. Self employed or have to report mileage to SARS or a boss? Don't waste valuable time or miss miles you forgot to note. TripLogger will automatically log your travel with minimum effort. When you need to report your travel or submit a logbook, just connect your TripLogger to your PC, upload the data and in a couple of clicks you can print or export the report. With innovations like Trip Type Selection during the journey and the powerful range of tools provided in the TripLogik Manager software, you can always claim the full amount due. Reduce travel claims. Save time and money. With the TripLogger and TripLogik Manager, your staff simply upload their trips and generate a report or logbook.  Exporting just the kilometres they are claiming means no intrusion of privacy while ensuring all claims are verifiable.  Automatic capture of trip data combined with TripLogik Manager software makes report generation a breeze and means no more chasing of mileage log and logbooks. Optimise your vehicle's use. The TL1000 logs the route taken for each trip, allowing you to analyse your staff's business travel and identify opportunities to optimise journeys and make better use of your valuable staff and vehicle resources. Record your driving holiday. With so much of holidays involving driving: Why waste those memories? Capture them with the TL1000. With its permanent connection to the power supply there is no need to remember to turn it on or change batteries, leaving you free to …. Just enjoy yourself. TripLogger will automatically record your journey, from the short cuts and wrong turns to the endless road. Every kilometre is a memory. You can even export your trips into Google Earth™ where you can fly the route, see the surrounding landscape from the air and use all the other growing list of features being added to Google Earth™ Business and Fleets Personal Leisure